The UCDI uses xml to exchange data by means of files, database transfer tables or HTTP streams. The structure of the xml is especially designed for cato® which means that basically all data processed with cato® can be exchanged with other systems:

  1. Patient data including the patient’s visits and the patient’s medical results and diagnoses
  2. Product data: Cytotoxic products, infusion bags,…
  3. Protocols (Schemata)
  4. Patient therapy plans / Medications: E.g. for an integration into the hospital’s prescribing system

For a better overview take a look at the UCDI Integration chart.

For a detailed explanation of the interface you can also refer to the UCDI Manual.

The structure of the xml is defined by means of commented XSD (“XML Schema Definition”) files which can be obtained from your local cato® distributor.

If the format of the xml files for exchanging data is to be defined by the hospital (e.g. already exiting interface specifications) please contact your local cato® distributor the “UCDI Mappping adapter”.

When planning to connect cato® to the hospital’s general prescribing system please contact Cato Software Solutions for sharing our experience with you.