Cato CDE – Integrating cato® With Materials Management, Financial Controlling and Electronic Patient Record

The highly flexible cato®CDE interface enables easy file-based transmission of various data from cato® to other systems. Data may include consumption data for the Materials Management System, Medical Billing Codes for Financial Controlling, or even complete therapy plans for the Electronic Patient Record.



In cato®, the use of vials and infusions, but also that of additional articles and services is automatically documented. This documentation is very precise and includes e.g. even the breakdown of partial takings or the distribution of unused remnants. These data are usually requested by the Material Management System and from Financial Controlling, and can be transmitted automatically with cato®CDE. The cato®CDE interface supports different formats and provides solutions for the most common systems (e.g. SAP or AMOR). Even the adaptation to individual systems is possible due to the interface's flexibility and does not imply any additional costs in many cases.




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cato® CDE overview


In order to integrate therapy plans saved in cato® into the central patient file, cato®CDE offers the possibility to automatically export ongoing or completed therapies. Currently, HTML or PDF are available as formats, but therapy plans can be generated as XML as well for more complex integrations. This provides the physician with a comprehensive overview at any time without the need to quit the patient file.







The cato®CDE interface can also be used to transmit medical service codes to clearing systems, also in the standardized HL7 file format.

cato® CDE can exprot data in various formats – both default formats and customer specific formats. Here you can find specification samples for the default formats [Amor] and [SAP]. Should you be interested in specifiying your own custom specific format, please fill in these forms as [MS Word Document] or [PDF Document]. More information can be found in the [Cato CDE Manual]